Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

A Message From Our President & CEO

Moving toward our vision is a continual learning process, and I am personally committed to creating positive change. By cultivating an environment of mutual respect and acceptance, we can drive powerful Team Member engagement to strengthen our culture, improve productivity and innovation, enhance our brand and reputation, and make a meaningful, lasting impact in our communities.

- Ted Christie, President & CEO

I Am Me, I Am Spirit

At Spirit, we create opportunities for our Team Members and Guests to experience the rich diversity and broad thinking that is the cornerstone of our culture. Our goal is to recruit, develop and engage a workforce that inspires people to bring their whole self to work.

Our Commitment

Since making the commitment to focus on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging initiatives in 2020, we continue to work together on implementing impactful strategies to drive systemic change. We hope these areas of focus will help us further diversify our organizational makeup, broaden engagement through community outreach programs, and provide comprehensive diversity and inclusion training to educate our team members on fostering an inclusive workplace environment. Key areas of focus include:

Our Resource Groups

Our Resource Groups' Purposes

  • Asian Resource Group

  • Black Resource Group

  • Latinx Resource Group

  • LGBTQIA+ Resource Group

  • Third Culture Individual Resource Group

  • Veterans Resource Group

  • Women's Resource Group

Spirit’s Asian Resource Group is committed to deepening understanding of the Asian perspective while fostering collaboration and engagement to create an inclusive environment that values diverse viewpoints. Through immersive cultural experiences, we spotlight the rich tapestry of Asian cultures within Spirit. The group provides a secure and open space for discussions on current events affecting the Asian community and serves as a guiding resource for new Team Members’ integration. The dialogues initiated by the group drive impactful changes, shaping the course of our DEI&B initiatives.


Spirit’s Black Resource Group is dedicated to promoting a profound appreciation for the Black perspective, encouraging unity, and nurturing an environment where all voices are respected. Spirit celebrates the diverse spectrum of Black cultures through dynamic cultural engagements. The group offers a safe haven for conversations about pressing issues impacting the Black community and extends support to newcomers. By spearheading conversations and initiatives, the group plays a pivotal role in driving the advancement of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.


Spirit’s Latinx Resource Group thrives on creating a nurturing and inclusive space for people from diverse backgrounds to connect, share experiences and revel in their unique perspectives. The group's mission involves empowering members to reach their full potential, while also fostering cultural awareness, collaboration, and meaningful connections within our Latin community. Rooted in service, we recognize the value of giving back and find joy in the smiles we bring to others through acts of kindness.


Spirit’s LGBTQIA+ Resource Group is dedicated to uniting the LGBTQIA+ community and allies. The group’s focus lies in cultivating a safe and collaborative environment for colleagues and creating an inclusive space for our Guests. Through community outreach and advocating for inclusive policies and practices in the workplace. The LGBTQIA+ Resource Group exemplifies Spirit’s commitment to diversity. Conversations led by the group serve as catalysts for meaningful change, influencing our DEI&B initiatives and shaping decision-making.


Spirit’s Third Culture Individual (TCI) Resource Group is a mosaic of diversity that transcends factors like race, religion, gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation. Comprising individuals who were nurtured in cultures different from those of their parents or native lands, the group finds common ground in shared experiences. “Representation,” “mental health awareness,” “support,” and “belonging” form the cornerstones of the group's unity, fostering connections based on internal commonalities over external disparities.

third culture individual resource

Spirit’s Veterans Resource Group stands as a testament to our commitment to supporting and honoring our veteran Team Members, including those currently serving, and engaging with veteran-related communities. The group provides a safe space in which to share experiences, have candid conversations and develop actionable steps that drive systemic change in areas of importance to our veteran community.


Spirit’s Women’s Resource Group is dedicated to advancing a deeper comprehension of the women’s experience within the workplace and championing the cause of equity and belonging, transcending gender boundaries. The group actively nurtures a secure and cooperative space for Team Members. Spirit has an unwavering commitment to foster equity and belonging through community outreach and the proposition of comprehensive workplace policies and practices. Conversations led by the group propel meaningful transformations that guide our DEI&B initiatives and shape our decision-making trajectory.

women resource

Supplier Diversity

Small and minority-owned businesses are critical to the U.S. economy's overall strength. Spirit is proud to support these businesses through Supplier Diversity and seeks to use its products and services to help expand its reach in the industry.

Supplier Diversity is essential, allowing minority suppliers to gain market share and expand their reach in the aviation industry. Many minority-owned businesses are also small businesses, so support is more tangible than it might be for a large corporation. Eventually, this support lifts the entire community through new job creation, wage increases, and higher tax revenue.

Interested in becoming a supplier?


Supplier Diversity FAQs

Supplier Diversity in Procurement refers to a supply chain that includes businesses possessed by diverse entities or groups. Diversity refers to an establishment's attempts to involve diverse suppliers or vendors in its supply chain and sourcing activities that are possessed by a smaller or deprived group comprising of people of color, women, veterans, disabled, and LGBTQIA+.

Our 2023 goal for Spirit was to increase our diversity spend by 19%. Today we have over 318 diverse suppliers in our vendor portal and growing.

A Diverse Supplier is one that is majority owned (51%) and operated by an individual or group that has been historically underrepresented or underserved in the economy.

Those that can assist with our daily operations. Examples include the following but not limited to:

  • Aircraft cleaning
  • GES repairs
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Industrial equipment
  • IT equipment and services
  • Janitorial
  • Maintenance suppliers
  • Marketing companies
  • Office equipment suppliers
  • Production companies
  • Promotional companies
  • Recruitment agencies
  • Transportation

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